Price: 60$ per hour
Location: Remote / Prague / Bratislava

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Hello, backend developer here. Below is a list of my projects.

I started working on a side projects in May 2024. Otherwise, I work as a backend developer, a role I have held since 2008, both as an employee and a contractor.

For cooperation, please contact me through the following form - be my client or just say "hello", so i know, this site is not dead.

Price is 60$ per hour.

Longer cooperations on meaningful projects are prefered.

Languages: english, czech, slovak.

Meet in person: possible

List of projects simple analytics tool for your website is your website online or not? this website place for people who know something micro website stats product pricing comparison

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2024-07-12 during nights and weekends i still work on side projects. More specific updates will come maybe in few month. In meantime, you can checkout other projects and send me list of improvements, which you could consider important.

2024-06-24 rss on

2024-06-24 Little bit exhausted, but working on

2024-06-16 synopsee homepage uplifted

2024-06-07 another project announcement - activity tracker will be release around 08/2024

2024-06-03 Levnobot - price comparison for Czech Republic, early alpha, didn't touched it for maybe one year... Time for revival

2024-06-02 two columns, better usage of free space

2024-06-02 list of users on, only public profiles are visible. Users can write what are they interested in, so then they can easier find person with similar (or complementary) interests...

2024-06-02 tables on are little bit prettier

2024-05-31 profiles on, raining, good weather for work

2024-05-29 synopse now has stats shown in tables on homepage (need to have account)... most important stats on one place

2024-05-23 started, in next months, it will be released... It will be micro stats for your websites. If you have several websites and want stats in one place.

2024-05-22 on detail page of URL are now shown errors, so users can see what went bad with their sites

2024-05-22 users see number of check count in realtime + status of website (ok, failed, failed_today) is shown, so users immediatelly see, what is going on

2024-05-21 homepage released, subscribe there to be informed about release

2024-05-20 i noticed, that twitter is pretty toxic place, i think better place, for creative people working on their projects, without politics and other garbage, would be nice .... next project will be called Bookmark it. It will start simple.

2024-05-20 newsletter and posts added, you can subscribe and read progress of my projects

2024-05-19 subscription available

2024-05-16 very basic alpha, it just checks for websites availability

2024-05-01 This is beginning. Want to start 15 projects in one year and earn 6 figures. Follow to see progress. Money income will be released each month for following one year. Until 2025-05-01.